Refinish Your Hardwood Floors without the Dust!

Eco-Friendly Dust-Free Sanding with BONA®

Hardwood floors are resilient and a valuable asset in any home. But after years of wear and tear, sometimes they need to be brought back to life. This can be accomplished through sand and finish.

When River City Flooring sands and finishes, we restore the smooth look and feel of the floor. If you desire, we can change the color and luster of the floor during the finishing process.

For floors that don’t need to be completely sanded and refinished, screen and coat may revive the floor’s natural beauty. This process involves “screening”, or lightly sanding the surface in order to allow a new coat of polyurethane to bond. While screen and coat may be the answer to moderate wear, it isn’t a viable response to deep scratches, UV discoloration, or pet stains.

River City Flooring uses the Bona Dust Containment System. This system has been proven to virtually eliminate the dust usually associated with sanding and refinishing floors—dust that can settle on furniture and in crevices, creating a cleaning nightmare and health hazards. Because we believe it is important that you understand the sanding and finishing process, we suggest you review What to Expect.

To ensure you are happy with your refinished floors, we also provide a guide on How to Maintain Your Floors so you can keep them looking new for many years to  come.

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