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Flooring Frequently Asked Questions


Can flooring be installed over tile?

Answer: At River City Flooring we always recommend having one of our flooring consultants look at the floor prior to finalizing this endeavor on your own as we’ve seen the good, bad, and most importantly, the ugly. You want to ensure the tile floor is in good condition, the tile is well attached, and level.  Installing flooring over tile is similar to installing laminate floor on a concrete slab and just depends on the foundation.


Can flooring be installed over carpet?

Answer: NO! We do not recommend installing flooring over carpet as it is soft, unstructured, and creates a lot of future problems. 


Can flooring be used on walls?

Answer: Honestly, it depends. Most floors especially the vinyl planks are too heavy and will tell the dry wall off of the wall. There are not a lot of great application for this. We do offer a wood wall plank that looks like flooring if you are interested.


Can laminate flooring get wet?

Answer: Only the top of laminate floors can get wet.  The sides, seams, and bottom can never get wet. Some floors are made now with 48 or 72 hour water warranty only on the top! 


Can luxury vinyl flooring be reused?

Answer: One of the valuable attributes of a vinyl plank flooring is that if there is a water leak (clean water like from a dishwasher or washing machine), then you can pull it up gently, air it out and lay it back down.


Can vinyl flooring get wet?

Answer: One of the great benefits of purchasing vinyl flooring is that it is waterproof.  Now of course, it won’t withstand a flood but it is terrifically resilient. 


Will vinyl flooring increase home value?

Answer: Installing new vinyl floors certainly aids in helping increase the value of your home.  Of course, it won’t increase it more than true hardwood flooring but is cost effective, easier to install, and will last for years! 


Will luxury vinyl flooring stick to concrete?

Answer: The luxury vinyl flooring will only stick to concrete if it is even, dry, and in good condition. We always recommend having a River City Flooring consultant to ensure the installation is successful.


Will laminate flooring buckle?

Answer: Yes laminate flooring can buckle and the majority of time, it’s because of water damage to the subfloor.  


What flooring is best for homes?

Answer: This all depends on What the flooring is utilized for!  We recommend hardwood floors or Luxury Vinyl Plank primarily as it gives the best appearance, adds value to your home, and is easy to maintain.

What flooring for the kitchen?

Answer: More often than not, we recommend luxury vinyl plank for kitchens as it’s easy to clean and wears well in high trafficked areas.  Take a look at Southwind Luxury Vinyl plank on our site.