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Types Of Popular Carpets in 2020

Carpet is constructed in several different ways, along with a variety of fibers. Understanding the strengths and differences of each will help you make the right choices for your lifestyle, home, and budget.

At River City Flooring we have a warehouse of carpet selections to choose from and want to aid in helping you select the carpet to best fit your lifestyle.  


Types of Carpet


Plush (Twist)

We like to think of plush carpet as the choice for those who prefer to see vacuum marks!  Plush carpet is soft and great for living rooms, bedrooms, and large indoor carpet areas. If you have a plush carpet be aware that the taller the yarn the more it has to fall.  Be careful not to purchase plush carpet that is too flat or too tall as they tend not to wear as long.

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Loop (Berber)

Loop carpet is perfect for high traffic areas in your home. There are different types of loop carpets including level loops, uneven loops, or patterned loops. It’s made out of really tight yarn systems and tends to have long wear time thus making it a great fit for hallways and basements.  Be careful with loop carpet seams upon installing as it can be a little trickier than texture or plush for installation.

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Pattern carpet is a combination between a loop and plush carpet.  They actually make it in two different loops and they come off and shear off the top loop to make it a pattern.  This gives you a more formal look and we often see it chosen for bedrooms or living rooms.  

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Texture has a lot of crimp in the yarn and multi-colors in the carpet. It’s perfect if you want to hide vacuum marks and footprints.  It’s often chosen for families with children and pets as it tends to show less wear. Texture also comes in a lot of different tones and multiple lengths which makes it very versatile for any room.

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